Hilinawalõ Fau is a great place to visit

Hilinawalö Fau is a village in South Nias-North Sumatera-Indonesia, Asia. Hilinawalö Fau has many wonderful tourism objects. There is also a unique tradition of the people who live in Hilinawalö Fau. Traditional dances, stone jump, waterfall, Traditional Houses (Nias people call it OMO HADA, some higher megalith stones, and so on.
Spending Holidays in Hilinawalö Fau will never be wasted. Many visitors come to visit Hilinawalö fau every year.
This page (Hilinawalö Fau) is a page containing with some information of Hilinawalö Fau, such as, Arts & Cultures, etc. Hilinawalö Fau page will share you much information and you may ask something you want to know about it as well.
 How to reach Hilinawalõ Fau
If you're coming from another country, not from Indonesia, the first thing should be known is where Nias Island is. Nias island is a part of Indonesian archipelagos which lies in the west Indonesia or Sumatera.  So, where is Nias Island in Sumatera?
Nias island is a part of North Sumatera. The central city of North Sumatera is Medan. You can use the map of North Sumatera or go finding it out through Google Earth by using satelite, please find islands or isles around north Sumatera, in the side of pacific ocean, get to view Nias island next to sibolga.
The central town of Nias island is Gunungsitoli. Here are two alternative ways to get to Gunungsitoli town.
  1. By Plane. You can take departure from Medan airport, namely, Polonia, to Gunungsitoli airport, namely, Binaka. During on flight, it's about forty five minutes waiting for landing in Binaka airport. The distance between Gunungsitoli town and Binaka is about fifteen kilometers (15 Kms ) or it's around thirty minutes by a bus or motorbike. It's when you intend to visit Gunungsitoli first, but if you wanna get to reach Hilinawalo Fau directly, you just move from Binaka to South Nias. You can find your bus in Binaka. Hilinawalo Fau lies in the South Nias. If you take departure from Gunungsitoli to South Nias (Until Telukdalam town), by bus, it's about two and a half hours on the way, The distance is around 120 Kilometers. you can find your bus in Gunungsitoli Bus-Stop or station.  from Binaka to South Nias (Telukdalam Town), you'll spend time for 2 (two) hours.
  2.  By Ship. The second alternative to get to Gunungsitoli is By Ship. You can find your ship in Sibolga harbour, not in Medan. Usually, a ship crossed the sea around eight hours to reach Gunungsitoli harbour. After arriving in Gunungsitoli town, you may find your bus in the Bus-Stop or Station. The bus fee (From Gunungsitoli to Telukdalam town) is fifty thousand Rupiahs (Rp. 50.000)/ passenger. Nevertheless,  The fee can be changed some time later depending on the changes in the price of oil/ fuel oil that can cause economic achievement to fluctuate. 
Well, we assume you're now in Telukdalam town. the final step is how to get to Hilinawalo Fau. There are two directions you can pass. 
  1.  Bawomataluo Direction. After Bawomataluo village, there are two villages again you should pass, namely, Siwalawa and Ono Hondro. After Ono Hondro is Hilinawalo Fau. But in this direction, the bus can only drive to Siwalawa. So, you need to walk on foot to reach Hilinawalo Fau. From Siwalawa to Hilinawalo Fau, It's about Six kilometers. From Telukdalam town to Hilinawalo Fau is around 16 (sixteen) Kilometers.
  2. Lagundri Beach Direction. It's about 27 ( twenty seven) kilometers in away or an hour by bus or motor bike. Passing this direction, you don't need to walk on foot because bus or motor-bike can drive to Hilinawalo Fau. 

Things to do:
  1. Watching traditional dance
  2. Watching Stone jump attractions
  3. Viewing Traditional houses
  4. Viewing Megalith stones
  5. Visiting Waterfall location
  6. Swimming or bathing


                                                                                                               Read in Indonesian version>>
Hilinawalö Fau is one of the tourism objects on Nias  located in the south of Nias Island, Indonesia. Hilinawalö Fau is between Ono Hondrõ and Bawögosali . Hilinawalö Fau has long been a tourist area. In Hilinawalö Fau, visitors can watch an amazing variety of traditional shows such as the war dance, maena, skip stones, famadaya harimao and so forth. Image on the right is the original image came from Hilinawalö Fau which at that time, the perpetrators of war dance in their acts or performing in front of the Omo sebua and it (the place they did war dance) is called  Ewali Gorahua. These performances is a village tradition, which until now Hilinawalo Fau is still preserved. Performances held at night as well. The meaning of this war dance performances are as memorable dance about the history of the past  where Hilinawalo Fau wants to maintain the area from enemies' attacks / opponents who want to destroy or seize their territory. Or in other words, each region / village at that time was quite eager to fight for it cruelly. In the picture above showed that the adam / man holding a shield and spear. In the past (not now), the spear is used as a tool to counter attack / attack the enemy. While the shield is used as a tool to block the attack of the enemy (as in war) if the enemy uses a weapon / tool that can turn off or take a life. In on performance / dance war, Hilinawalo Fau does not intend to repeat what has already happened in the past, but with this show, Hilinawalö Fau wants to give a typical description for the world that Hilinawalo Fau once had risen from the  of the old shades into the new Hilinawalo Fau as today.  "Let's strive to reach a goal without having to judge and punish others because of the togetherness, the world will feel more peaceful."

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